1965 -

born in Koersel (Belgium) on February 18th

Hans   Ludo  
    to Ludo Laagland (Hubert Peeters),  
    a professional fine painter  
    mother: Anny Hoflijk  

1968 - moves from Herk-de-Stad to Zichem    
1975 -

first oil painting


1976 - first oil portrait    
1977 - first exhibition of own work  
  - frequent visits to the Rubens commemorative    
    exhibition in Antwerp    
1980 - first paintings on panel, inspired by the  

'My Mother' painted at the age of 15

    Flemish baroque  
1983 - completes high school (Greek and Latin) at  

  - decides not to go to the Academy of Art    
1984 - military service: paints two wall paintings at    
    1 Bn Para te Diest    
  - September: tours France with father, draws    
1988 - construction of the studio in Zichem begins    
  - manufactures 'old-Dutch lead white'    
1992 - several paintings in preparation of the large  
'Man with Bread' 'Still Life with Game' 'Still Life with Fruit'
    painting 'Figures with Game and Fruit'  
1993 - completion of 'Figures with Game and Fruit',  

'Characters with Game and Fruit'  
    on massive oak panel (160x260cm)  
  - chemical manufacturing of vermilion, the red  
    colour used by Rubens  


1994 - completion, for personal use, of the remaining    
    historical paints and oils    
  - April and May: experimental application of  
whilst copying in the Gemäldegalerie der Akademie der bildenden Künste in Vienna
    these products in the copy 'Boreas Abducts  
    Orithya' ( Rubens ) in Vienna  
  - June: member of the jury at the National    
    Higher Institute of the Royal Academy in    
    Antwerp for the graduation year restoration    
on the floor, at the back, the Rubens copy from Vienna  
  - November: the new studio is opened for the  
1995 - first ceremonial portrait for the Norbertine  
'Abbot P.M. Broeckx'  
    abbey in Postel (Belgium)  
  - retrospective exhibition (1975-1995) with 50
    paintings, organised by the province of    
1996 - first international exhibition with U. Larsson    
    (Sweden) and C. Le Mair (Netherlands) in    
    Amsterdam; opening speech by    
    Mr H. F.Dijkstal, the Dutch Minister of the    
  - Formal portrait of E. Vankeirsbilck, Speaker of  
'Eric Vankeirsbilck'  
    the Chamber of Representatives (1988-1989),  
    for the National Parliament of Belgium  
  - TV documentary 'Nude Models' by Paul    
    Jambers, recorded at the studio in Zichem and    
    broadcast internationally    
1997 - important contribution to research into the  
    paints of Rembrandt  
        manufacturing and testing authentic 17th century paints in own laboratory
  - participates in the TV documentary    
    'Rembrandt`s Masterly Brushstrokes' (English,    
    Dutch ), produced by the Rembrandt Research    
    Project for DSM    
1998 - cooperates in the Warner Bros movie 'A Dog of    
1999 - publication of his essay 'The Eclipse of Art',  
'The Eclipse of Art'  
    started years ago, by KEI Zutphen  
  - interview on Dutch radio (Radio 5) about the    
    self-portraits of Rembrandt    
2000 - 'Figures with Game and Fruit', his largest    
    painting so far, transformed into' View of the  
    Studio' by adding a self-portrait and other  
  - August: exhibition with 85 works in the  
    spectacular baroque corridor of the basilica in  
    Scherpenheuvel (Belgium)  
2001 - ceremonial portrait of 'Princess Sophie'  
at work 'Princess Sophie'
  - work starts on 'Family Troptych'    
2002 - second ceremonial portrait for the Norbertine  
'Abbot M. Lasters'  
    abbey of Postel (Belgium)  
  - the Dutch discover Hans Laagland. His work is    
    greatly appreciated at art fairs and art    
2003 - commercial breakthrough in the Netherlands:    
    five large paintings ordered by the renowned    
    art dealer Gebr. Douwes Fine Arts in    
  - the 'Family Triptych' completed  
'Family Triptych'      
2004 - grand exhibition in 'Het Slot Zeist' (The  
'Still Life with painting materials'  
    Netherlands) to present 'The 13 Hours of Life'  
2005 - the theme "Hermes as a young boy" is  
'Harmen and his Mother'  
    developed in a series of thirty preliminary  
    drawings and five paintings  
  - Hans's work finds acclaim in the United States    
2007 - ceremonial portrait for the St.-Bernard abbey  
'Abbot L. Van Schaverbeeck'  
    in Bornem (Belgium)  

four monumental floral paintings and still lifes

'Large Still Life with Fruit'   'Floral Composition'  
    ordered by J. Morseburg Los Angeles (US)  
2008 - the most important double portrait so far  
'Young and Old'  
2009 - a series of paintings and drawings ordered by  
'Flowers in a White Vase' 'Floral' drawing  
    Define Art Atlanta (US)  
2010 - Debut in Sint-Petersburg (Russia) at     
'Female Nude' drawing   'Female Nude'  
    'Slavinsky Art'  


 © Hans Laagland 2012