'The Eclipse of Art''

Essay  (in Dutch)


  In this essay Hans Laagland discusses art, its definition, criteria, modern art, etc.
His starting point is not the cultural historical framework, but the artistic achievement itself.

Published by KEI Zutphen (The Netherlands)





Masterly Brushstrokes'

Documentairy Film
(in Dutch or English)


  The white paint Rembrandt used was special and constitutes an indispensable part of his palette. Hans Laagland reconstructed this dye and contributes the most spectacular insight in this scientific project to shed light on Rembrandt's work.

DSM, Rembrandt Research Project

  'The 13 Hours of Life'

Roman  (in Dutch)


  The concept of this historical novel uniquely combines literature and fine painting. Each of the thirteen chapters has a corresponding painting, which was executed as the chapter was written. Hans Laagland participated in this project along with two other contemporary masters and the author.

Author: Robert Mann.

Art trade: Gebr. Douwes Fine Art



      The paintings of Hans Laagland for the book
'The 13 Hours of Life'.



                  'Portrait of a 17th Century Merchant''


'Hilly Landscape in the South of France'







'Still Life with Painting Attributes'







'The Artist's Studio'







'Still Life with 17th Century Objects'

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